I’ve always liked cats.  But guess what? I’ve always liked dogs as well.  This does not mean that I will die alone with 12 felines who will eventually end up eating my rotting corpse. Graphic, I apologize.  My point is this – I had a cat for almost 17 years and every guy (yes, every single one) I dated made the obligatory “oh, you’re into cats” comment. Well FUUUUUCK YOU LOSERS.  THAT is what I say now.

Why is it that a guy can be totally obsessed with his dog (see Chuck Bass!) and it’s totally “cute” and “normal” but when a woman is into her ONE CAT (not TWELVE!) and she’s automatically a crazy cat lady spinster who will die alone.

What you might not know is the fact that cats are AWESOME.  Not hating on dogs but facts are facts: cats are cleaner and you can leave them alone for a night or two and they won’t shit all over your house (unless you’re watching MY cat, that bitch did whatever she wanted…RIP my little Angel)  Anyway, cats get a bum wrap and I’m sick of it.  Spread the word.