I think it should come as no shock that I like jerks.  Most of us girls do, but especially us girls who are dubbed by psychologists as “children of divorce.”

(See HERE if you want to read more on that)

I recently went on four dates with a guy who didn’t try to kiss me…and yes, you read that correctly, FOUR dates.  No kiss.  Most girls would be like “awww, what a nice guy! He really respects me”…but not this girl.  This girl thinks “GOD, what a pussy.”

I can’t date a man who doesn’t go for what he wants.  Who wants a beta when there are so many hot alphas out there?!  In fact, on our last date, while he was futzing around with his fanny pack (OK, that’s a lie but he was futzing with something dorky) I noticed a surfer, ex-frat boy type (e.g. MY type) walk buy, shirtless, heading towards the beach.  Naturally, I envisioned myself ditching the nice guy (who bought me dinners and treated me well) to go and make out with the hot surfer in the sand.

This is why I will be single forever.